Senior & Head Instructors

(Front Left to Right: Mr. Rob Hansen, Dr. Karen Kramer, Mr. Keith Little, Mr. Matt Coyle, Mr. Jake Hollenbach, Ms. Alaina Parris, Mr. Tony Palma, Mr. Tony Parris)
Dr. Karen Kramer VI Dan: MSY Founder & Senior Head Instructor

Dr. Kramer started Taekwon-Do while she was finishing her double major at Colorado School Of Mines. She was promoted to 1st Dan Black Belt in December of 1985. She started teaching with the City of Aurora at Beck Rec Center in June of 1986, and three years later Founded Maum Sin Yong Taekwon-Do, Today Maum Sin Yong has over 10 locations with in the state of Colorado. Dr. Kramer is a member of the Curriculum Committee. Dr. Kramer is the Head Instructor for all of Aurora Taekwon-Do which is where Maum Sin Yong is Headquartered, and she teaches classes at Aurora Taekwon-Do's Beck branch.
You can contact Dr. Kramer at:

Mr. Parris promoting a student to Blue Belt.
Mr. Tony Parris V Dan: Senior Instructor
Mr. Parris is a Maum Sin Yong Senior Instructor, the Chairman of the Ethics and Disciplinary Committee, and the Head Instructor for Aurora Taekwon-Do's Fletcher branch.
You can contact Mr. Parris at:

Mr. Rob Hansen IV Dan: Senior Instructor
Mr. Hansen started Taekwon-Do in 1991, started to assist with class instruction in 1995, and then tested and was promoted to 1st Dan in 1998. Mr. Hansen is considered first generation Maum Sin Yong. Mr. Hansen is a Maum Sin Yong Senior Instructor, and the Head Instructor for Aurora Taekwon-Do's Meadowood branch. Mr. Hansen is sitting member of the Ethics and Disciplinary Committee  as well as the Curriculum Committee. he is also the director of the Compass Program.
You can contact Mr. Hansen at:

Diana and President Choi in Houston, 2012
Mrs. Diana Hansen IV Dan: Senior Instructor
Mrs. Hansen started Taekwon-Do with Maum Sin Yong Taekwon-Do in July of 1998, and she tested for Black Belt in 2004. In her tenure with Maum Sin Yong she has developed the Parent & Tot classes for Aurora Taekwon-Do and she has taught in the Compass program. Mrs. Hansen also sits on the Ethics and Disciplinary Committee.

Mr. Cory Patterson III Dan: Instructor
Mr. Patterson is a III Dan* Instructor with Maum Sin Yong and is an integral part of the MSY Administration and Instructor Corps. Mr. Patterson is also a Political Science Major at Fort Lewis College in Durango, CO where he is the Head Instructor of the Fort Lewis College Taekwon-Do Club. For more information on Mr. Patterson please click here. (*3rd Degree Black Belt)

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